BBVM Selfie Into Animated Promo Video

$ 29.00

Get a 3D animated character that is a realistic version of your own self from a simple cellphone selfie pic of yourself that talks, introduces your business or profession and uses a professional voice or your own voice. You don’t have to pose on video camera, memorize lines, or write a script. Just attach your selfie and submit it via email. A pic of your business location can be in the background or we can choose a background for you. The promo videos we create are between 25 to 60 seconds long. You can specify a length within that time range.

The email address to submit your details to is If you want to use your own voice, also submit a recording of your voice in mp3 file format. You can easily record your voice on mp3 file by using your cellphone voice recorder app. Your details will be included once payment is verified as received. Allow 3 business days for completion. Include your selfie pic in jpg or png format, business name or website address etc. in your Stripe note. You will receive the video in the form of a Google Drive storage link from which you can download the video.